Invitation: Knowledge Mobilization – Turning Research into Action

 Invitation from Cathy Edwards    Cathy Edwards-001

Knowledge mobilization (KMb) connects research and researchers with people and organizations seeking to develop sustainable solutions to social, environmental, economic and cultural challenges.

CFICE Members (both academic and non-academic) are invited to join us for two sessions on Thursday, August 15 as Carleton University’s Research Office hosts Dr. David Phipps (nationally recognized leader in KMb, key founder of Research Impact, and Executive Director of Research and Innovation Services at York University) and Michael Johnny (Manager, Knowledge Mobilization at York).

Session 1: CFICE KMb Project-level discussions

Details: 9:30-10:30AM, Dunton Tower, Room 1304 (call in and/or video will be available)

Session 2: KMb 101 Presentation

David and Michael will walk us through a better understanding of knowledge mobilization and its relationship with research.

Details: 2:30-3:45PM, Dunton Tower, Room 328 (in person but looking into call in and/or video options)

Please RSVP to Capacity is limited.


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