Using O3- CFICE’s Collaborative Working Space

What does offer? A CFICE space and private spaces for each of the hubs to:

  • Connect with partners via forum for asynchronous conversations useful when you can’t find a time to meet.
  • Collaborate on documents-  Working on shared documents using email can become very messy and confused which is the most recent version have everyone’s input been included?   A wiki document means everyone works off the same document to add their perspectives.  A comments section enables a conversation about contentious points.
  • Manage CFICE documents-  Does everyone need to keep and organize all the documents for each hub?  One place to store documents for all can save time.
  • Shared calendars upcoming events meetings etc.
  • Blog:  Internal and external blog space.  Been thinking about something why not share you thoughts on the blog either the CFICE only one or the public space.

Using new websites and technology can be a headache so Zach as put together a guide to using the CFICE Collaborative Space

Logging Into ORIONs O3 Collaboration


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