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CES4Health peer-reviews and publishes Canadian products of engaged scholarship

Dear colleague,

If you have products of your collaborations that are in forms other than journal articles, please consider submitting them for peer-reviewed publication through CES4Health!  Attached is a list of the Canadian-authored products that have been published to date – you’ll see videos, policy reports, digital stories and other creative and innovative ways of conveying information.


CES4Health aims to widely disseminate high quality products that can improve the health of communities and “count” in the faculty promotion and tenure process.  Every product submitted is peer reviewed by community and academic experts.  If it’s published, the Editor sends an email about the publication and the rigorous peer review process to people that authors identify, such as deans, department chairs and supervisors.  CES4Health also tracks how many times a product is downloaded and can follow-up with users to find out how it was used – important data that can be included in promotion and tenure dossiers and grant proposals.  CES4Health is free, open access and does not retain copyright for any of the products it publishes.


For more info, visit http://CES4Health.info, contact us at info@CES4Health.info and follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/CES4Health



The Editorial Team at CES4Health




Community-Campus Partnerships for Health promotes health equity and social justice through partnerships between communities and academic institutions.

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