Ph.D Program in Civil Society & Community Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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University of Wisconsin–Madison is currently accepting applications for the Ph.D. program in Civil Society & Community Research (CSCR) in the School of Human Ecology. The philosophy of the School of Human Ecology is that human development and well-being are promoted through the interactions between people and the ecological settings (organizations, social networks, communities) of which they are a part.

Applications are due: January 3, 2014

For more information:

For questions about application, contact Liv Lindenberg

For questions about the program: Brian D. Christens,

A Few Thoughts on Email

Shared by Donna-Jean from the PR Hub.  Thought there was some food for thought for all of us in the project- Geri.

We had this email go around in our office environment about email etiquette.

Reply All

Using Reply All is a great way of continuing a conversation, but be considerate when using this feature and limit it`s use to only those times when it is necessary to keep everyone in the conversation loop.  If it is not necessary for everyone to see the conversation simply hit reply.  If the email thread when it is complete has relevance to everyone then send out the whole thread or have a phone conversation with those who would benefit.


  • Ccing is a great tool to keep everyone informed. But there is a disease called cc-fatigue. And it hurts. When people are as busy as we all are, which is often, please be mindful of what you are copying them on. Generally, let’s all try to consider how often we loop discussions, cc or send email threads.  Phone calls are often a more effective method to catch up with when there are multiple issues/questions etc.

Below are a few thoughts in how we can all:

  1. Get better at emailing and
  2. Be more considerate when people are traveling, in lots of meetings or generally very busy

Get better at emailing

There is a lot of value in Ccing someone on an email so that they know what’s happening and can follow along with the progress of a certain project/discussion. This is even more true given the nature of our work. It allows for people to stay in the loop.

 My suggestion would be that we have to get better at addressing emails. In the ‘To’ line, only include people who need to respond. In the ‘Cc’ line include people who should be aware but don’t need to respond. That way if we are Ccd we know that no action is required. If something requires an immediate response, flag it as urgent. Also, we can just call each other more! I know this is all common sense, but I really think we should all be intentional about this and see if things become easier. If not, then let’s consider other alternatives to keep people in the loop.

 Be more considerate when people are very busy

It is overwhelming to be hit with a full inbox at anytime of day, especially if we are on mobile devices. With each email we should consider – who is the primary audience of this email?

Use the subject line for very short messages.  E.g.  Will be late returning.  EOM    EOM tells people that the end of message and they don’t need to open the email for further information.