IJSLE Special Edition: Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service-Learning into Engineering Education

The editors of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (IJSLE) are pleased to publish this, our first Special Edition of the Journal, entitled “Opportunities and Barriers to Integrating Service Learning into Engineering Education“.  To view the Special Edition, please log in to:  www.ijsle.org.
The peer-reviewed publications in this Special Edition of IJSLE are as follows:
1.  Assessment of Service Learning in Engineering
     a.  A Mixed-Methods Study of Cognitive and Affective Learning During a Sophomore Design Problem-Based Service Learning Experience
          Olga Pierrakos, Robert Nagel, Eric Pappas, Jacquelyn Nagel, Thomas Moran, Elise Barrella, Mariafe Panizo
     b.  A New Method of Assessing the Effects of a Service-Learning Class on Engineering Undergraduate Students,           Patricia Maloney, Lauren Dent, Tanja Karp
2.  Scholarship of Service Learning in Engineering
     a.  Principles of Sustaining Partnerships Between Higher Education and Their Larger Communities:  Perspectives from Engineering Faculty Engaged in Learning through Service,
          Bowa George Tucker, David Owen Kazmer, Angela R. Bielefeldt, Kurt Paterson, Olga Pierrakos, Annie Soisson, Chris Swan
     b.  Designing Value into Engineering Learning Through Service Activities Using a Blueprint Model,
          Angela R. Bielefeldt
     c.  Service Learning as Scholarship of Engagement and Its Relationship to the Academic Reward Structure,
          Karinna M. Vernaza, Theresa M. Vitolo, Scott E. Steinbrink, Barry J. Brinkman
     d.  Scholarly Advances in Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship:  A Typology of Research Publications
          Rachel Dzombak, Khanjan Mehta
3.  Interdisciplinary Engagement
     a.  Working Across Disciplines and Chipping Away at Silos with SLCE:  An Interdisciplinary Approach to Educating Science and Engineering Students,
          Robert John Swap, Kent A Wayland
4.  Faculty-Led, Student Projects (An Example Case Study)
     a.  Kitchen 2.0:  Design Buidance for Healthier Cooking Environments,
          Mollie Ruth, Jarod Maggio, Kelli Whelan, Mark DeYoung, Jonathan May, Abram Peterson, Kurt Paterson
I join with the other editors and the reviewers of the IJSLE in hoping that you enjoy and benefit from the manuscripts in the Special Edition and that you continue to engage in the work that you do in Service Learning in Engineering, Humanitarian Engineering, and Social Entrepreneurship.
Thomas H. Colledge, PhD, PE Editor-in-Chief, IJSLE

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