Sharing the Learning

Conference season is fast approaching! As such, here is a handy infographic showing you the various ways to share your individual learning from conferences with larger networks within and connected to CFICE. You can also find a pdf version of the infographic here.

Sharing the Learning


One thought on “Sharing the Learning

  1. CFICE colleagues – please consider disseminating your work through CES4Health! We peer-review and publish innovative products of community-engaged scholarship and community-academic partnerships – basically anything BUT journal manuscripts! Every product submitted is reviewed by community and academic peers. You retain authorship and copyright of any product published through CES4Health. We track # of downloads and can survey readers upon your request to find out if and how they used the product and what impact it had. Faculty authors are able to get “credit” for the product in the promotion and tenure process, and community authors have a venue for widely sharing their work so that communities working on similar issues do not have to reinvent the wheel. Further, we’re finding that the data on use and impact of their products is being use by community authors in proposals for funding. Please visit to see the diverse range of videos, toolkits, digital stories, policy reports, etc. that we’ve already published. Also, we’ve invited CCPH conference presenters to submit to CES4Health (that includes you!) and would be delighted to make the same offer to your Healthy Resilient Communities presenters. Thank you!

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