Community Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) 2014

From P. Ballamingie, April 30, 2014,

Attended a fabulous pre-conference workshop, Getting Your Work Out There! Publishing and Disseminating the Full Range of Products of Community-Engaged Scholarship, hosted by two editors, Cathy Jordan from CES4Health ( and Darius Tandon from Progress in Community Health Partnership ( Both venues incorporate academic and community reviewers, accept a wide range of non-traditional outputs, and validate the type of campus-community initiatives we are engaged in at CFICE! They also highlighted a useful resource for junior faculty heading towards tenure and promotion, the Community-Engaged Scholarship Toolkit:


One thought on “Community Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) 2014

  1. Fantastic! In the CFICE session “Learning to share power and resources to build more effective relationships,” I learned lots. Four items: 1) how principal investigators are conceiving two systems of power: ‘official’ systems of power and the creation of shadow systems within the official systems of power to get resources to communities; 2) universities hold $ and it’s important to be transparent and be ready (and learn) to feel the discomfort and vulnerability around transparency (e.g., over faculty salaries, proportion of research $ that goes to community…); 3) communities hold the power of access and credibility of university partnerships (whether they are real or not); 4) I was reminded that power shifts…so adaptability is a reminder.

    CCPH has been a wonderful space of living diversity, hybridity of academic and community, and straight-talk. The play I viewed, “It Shoudda Been Me,” presented by eta Creative Arts Foundation, Chicago, IL was tremendously transformative and provided me one incredibly clear window onto the many partners working to address community violence in Chicago. The audience impact was palpable. Shout out to eta Creative Arts and Dr. Doriane C. Miller, U Chicago, and the CCPH 2014 Team!

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