Academic Affairs: The Journal of Higher Education June 2014 Issue: Rethinking Town and Gown in Canada

Dear CBRC colleagues

The June 2014 issue of Academic Matters: The Journal of Higher Education, published by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, is devoted to the topic of Rethinking Town and Gown.

See below for an excerpt of the table of contents – including an article by CBRC chair Katherine Graham – and access the full issue at

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Reclaiming the civic university
By George Fallis
Universities have never been more central in public affairs. But what role should they play in our democracy?

The value of being porous: What universities and cities can do for each other
By Kelley Castle
When we bring the community into the university, it enriches everyone’s experience.

Toward the ambidextrous gown
By Mark N. Wexler
Today’s academics must continue to universalize knowledge while customizing it for local needs.

Beyond all in the family: Community-based research in Canada
By Katherine A. H. Graham
Community-based research has been building momentum in Canada. Can this forward progress be sustained?

Town and Gown go to the movies
By Mark Langer
What can film tell us about the town and gown relationship?

Putting research to work for the community
By Kathleen Bloom
Examining a model of knowledge mobilization between community organizations and the university

Community Engaged Scholarship, University of Guelph.


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