University of Alberta on promoting food security.

University of Alberta’s South Campus is encouraging Edmontonians to create their own food safety net. By promoting food growing and food literacy among urban residents, U of A hopes to lessen the burden of food security issues.

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Community Service-Learning Workshop October 6, 2014, Edmonton

University of Alberta CSL  is hosting a pre-conference  workshop at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium.  COMMUNITY SERVICE-­‐LEARNING &  CHANGE: Collaboration, innovation, and impacts in the university and community

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CACSL: Publishing Opportunities for CSL Practitioners and Academics

Publishing Opportunities for CSL Practitioners and Academics

When the Canadian Alliance for Community Service Learning hosted their workshop, participants noted an interest in knowing about publishing opportunities. Where to get published is a challenge for the broad range of CSL knowledge products: Tools, frameworks, infographics, scholarly articles, books, blogs, to mention a few.

CACSL has gathered lists of journals and publishers that are potential dissemination media for your work.

Blogs, Articles, Frameworks, Infographics, Announcements, Events, Videos:

CACSL blog accepts items of interest to those involved in community engaged collaborations: academics, community organizations, students, individuals please feel free to submit your item via the submit blog content form.  You may also highlight your items using Twitter @CSLCanada, Facebook, or the CSL YoutubeChannel.

  • Publishers
    • We’ve compiled a list of journals related to CE.  Your additions to the list are welcomed via the submit a resource form.
  • Books
    • Publishers frequently used by our members are listed.   Your additions to the list are welcomed via the submit a resource form.

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Food Secure Canada’s Eighth National Assembly

Hundreds of food leaders from across Canada will converge in Halifax November 13-16th, 2014 for Waves of Change: Sustainable Food for All, Food Secure Canada’s eighth National Assembly.

Notable speakers include:

  • world-renowned writer, activist and seed campaigner Vandana Shivaaward
  • winning author of Clearing the Plains, James Daschuk
  • Council of Canadian and right to water activist, Maude Barlow
  • Nova Scotia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Robert Strang

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Making Research Work for Your Community: A Guidebook to Successful Research Partnerships

Looking for ways to improve research partnership success with community organizations? Then you may be interested in the following guidebook. This guidebook is designed to help communities and community organizations make decisions with regards to how to:

  • Conduct their own research
  • Work effectively with university researchers
  • Maximize the value of community-university research relationships

Please click here for the short guidebook.