7 Reasons Why You Should Register for CKX

We’ve got great speakers, sessions and spaces lined up for the Community Knowledge Exchange Summit next month. More than 200 people have already registered to attend and we’d love for you to be a part of what we’re building together. To help make your decision (or your manager’s!) easier, we’ve come up with 7 great reasons why you should register for CKX:

1. To learn about the complexities of systems change.

If systems change was easy, we wouldn’t be spending all of this time and energy building CKX, right? Sometimes we need to step back and explore how our work fits into the bigger picture – which is the point of the CKX Solutions Lab.

2. To hear inspired new thinking on the Open City
by Don Tap

You’ll be among the first to hear the breakthrough concept from best-selling author, strategist and disruptive thinker Don Tapscott (@dtapscott) on how institutions, companies and governments can unlock data, knowledge and ideas to create truly vibrant and open communities and cities.

3. To make catalytic connections.

Creating catalytic connections between participants is our top priority at CKX and we’ve designed the sessions and spaces to allow you to make the most out of our most valuable resource: each other. Whether it’s at the CKX Opener, our extended lunch on Thursday, at the HUB@CKX (pictured left), or while you’re playing hooky during a session block, there will be plenty of time, people (and whiteboards) available for you to connect with others.

4. To build your own custom CKX experience. 

We’re busting out of the hotel ballrooms and taking over inspired spaces at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and the CBC Broadcast Centre. We’re giving you the freedom and flexibility to eat what and where you want for lunch on Thursday – including the PwC 150 Networking Lunch at LUMA, or you check out restaurants, pubs and food carts in the neighbourhood. Whether you use our online and mobile-friendly CKX Sched App  or are going to mark up an old-school paper itinerary, you’ll be in charge of curating and building your own unique CKX experience.

5. To enjoy good coffee.

And tea. And snacks too. “Bad coffee!” is one comment we don’t want to hear on the CKX participant feedback survey. Whether you’re attending sessions or hanging out at the CBC Broadcast Centre or TIFF Bell Lightbox, we’ll be sure to keep plenty of delicious coffee, tea and snacks from Oliver & Bonacini on hand to keep you refreshed and energized throughout CKX.

6. To help explore action and work to carry forward beyond the Summit. 

Some have defined what we’re up to with CKX as field-building. Others as place or space-making. Whatever you want to call it, it’s clear that the CKX Summit in November isn’t a destination. It’s a starting point for new collaborations and partnerships, or a mile-marker for existing ones as we explore action and work related to our four thematic questions:

  • How can we turn existing data into knowledge to drive change?
  • How can we use research to make more informed decisions?
  • How can we use stories to demonstrate our impact?
  • How do we know we’re making a difference, together?

 7. To save $100 on the cost of your CKX
All-Access Pass.  

Register before October 31st using the CKX100 promo code to purchase your CKX All-Access Pass at the front-of-the-line rate of $395, a savings of $100 off of the regular rate. Are you with a charity, nonprofit organization or social enterprise? Send us a note to learn more about our group pricing options if you’re planning on registering three or more participants.


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