Cube Galley Ottawa: Panel to Explore Charitable Fundraisers Artist Connections- Dec 3,2014

Repost from Cube Gallery

Charitable fundraisers are important initiatives for supporting communities and organizations across Ontario, but as artwork takes centre stage at auctions and raffles, artists themselves are often forgotten about. Frequently, these fundraisers aren’t supportive to artists and their professional practices, leaving them without economic return.

We will address key questions such as:

What is the effect art fundraisers have on the market?

How do artists benefit from donating their works?

How can fundraisers be designed so that all involved parties benefit?

What are some successful case studies?

Join us for a panel talk at Cube Gallery, as we discuss the issues and questions surrounding charitable fundraisers. Our experts will include artists, directors of commerical galleries and artist-run centres and tax experts.

The insights and thoughts raised during the event will be contributing to our research and development of a code of practice on the topic.

The event is PWYC (Pay What You Can) with recommended amounts of $10 for CARFAC members and $15 for non-members. Drinks and snacks will be available! Hope to see you there!

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