Call for Submissions: Systems Level Responses to Homelessness

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness invites chapter submissions for an edited volume: Exploring Effective Systems Responses to Homelessness. We are interested in research about service integration at the local level, broader systems integration work involving the homelessness sector and mainstream services, and horizontal and vertical models of system integration both within and between different levels of government, all of which are designed to increase the effectiveness of community responses, enhance collaboration, client flow through systems and ensure that people’s needs are met.

The research we are looking for should include structural or institutional analysis of collaboration, the efficacy of a particular coordinated response, what facilitates it and what impedes it. We are interested in submissions that are descriptive case studies, but also those that are of a more conceptual or theoretical orientation. We invite contributions from a range of academic disciplines (e.g., urban planning, political science, social work, anthropology, health sciences, sociology, education, and economics). The anticipated outcome of this book will be new knowledge that will enhance systems integration work at the community, regional and national levels. Since the aim is to reach both academic and non-academic audiences, we must strive for the use of clear language.

Abstracts are due January 30th 2015.

Please click here for more information.


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