Proposals submissions for Western Region Research Conference on the Education of Adults due June 1st, 2015

WRRCEA October 16-18, 2015

University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The biannual WRRCEA conference, a collaborative effort of universities in Western Canada and the Western United States with graduate programs engaged in the study of the education of adults, will be hosted by the Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Proposal submissions are due no later than June 1, 2015

Conference Theme

This year, the conference will be organized around the theme of Reanimating Adult Education: Conflict, Violence and Learning. The theme is meant to invoke ideas and debates about possibilities for adult education in the shifting global landscape of violent conflict, colonialism, capitalism, imperialism, gender and other inequities, and neoliberalized spaces. Participants are invited to explore their research and practice in relation to these contextual factors. How might adult education scholars, researchers, practitioners and activists bring new life to the field?

Proposal submissions are invited to respond to this theme or to broader considerations in the study and practice of adult education.

Types of Proposals and Sessions

The WRRCEA 2015 conference committee welcomes proposals in the areas of theory, research, policy and practice. As a principle of adult education, audience participation in all sessions is encouraged. All proposals will be peer reviewed. Full papers, along with summaries of roundtables, posters and symposia, will be published in the digital conference proceedings.

  • Full Paper (50 minutes):  Full paper presentations report on complete or nearly complete work.
  • Research Roundtables (50 minutes): Informal discussions of research in progress and research opportunities are facilitated through research roundtables. Several roundtable discussions will take place concurrently in the same room with each presenter assigned to a different table.
  • Posters: Posters offer an opportunity to share informal, visual presentations of completed research or research in progress.
  • Symposia (90 minutes): In symposia participants explore diverse or conflicting perspectives on a compelling topic or issue that is or should be of concern to adult education practitioners. A symposium is intended to be a dialogue, not only a presentation of a related set of papers.

Proposal Format

All proposals should be submitted electronically to

Please include authorial information along with primary author contact information in your email only. The proposal itself should not include any identifying information.

Proposals should be a maximum of three pages, double-spaced and include:

  • Proposal title and presentation type
  • Abstract (150 words maximum, will be included as is in the conference program)
  • Proposal (identify the guiding question, theoretical framework, and significance of the work)
  • Session description (describe how you will engage participants, the proposed sequence of events, what materials participants will receive, why the presentation methods are appropriate for the session, and how the session promotes active learning)

Proposal Deadlines

  • Proposal submissions are due no later than June 1, 2015
  • Accepted proposals will be confirmed by June 15th
  • Full papers/summaries for inclusion in the WRRCEA Conference Proceedings are due no later than August 15, 2013

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