Applications to host the next Talloires Network.

The next Talloires Network (TN) Leaders Conference is to be held in June, July or August of 2017. Talloires Network member institutions and partner organizations are encouraged to consider applying to host the next TN global conference. If you are interested, please submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to host the 2017 Talloires Network Leaders Conference (TNLC 2017), either individually or in collaboration with other institutions.

The TN aim to build on the strong local leadership and partnerships that made the 2011 conference in Madrid and the 2014 conference in Cape Town such successes. They envision that TNLC 2017 will be planned and organized by the TN Secretariat in conjunction with a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) comprised of representatives of the host university/universities and any other co-hosting institutions or partners. They also seek strong support from the head(s) of the hosting institution(s).

To learn more about the responsibilities of the hosting institution(s), the criteria for selection or to submit an Expression of Interest, please visit the Talloires Network website:

Expressions of Interest are due by July 10, 2015. Once received, they will be reviewed by the TN Secretariat who will then present a short list of options to the Steering Committee. With input from the Steering Committee, a list of finalists will be chosen and site visits to those finalists may be conducted between October and December, 2015. A final decision about the date and location of TNLC 2017 will be made by the Steering Committee in January, 2016.

The TNLC 2017 is a wonderful opportunity to advance the global movement of social responsibility in higher education and to develop strong working relationships with our partners throughout the world. The TNLC look forward to receiving your Expressions of Interest!


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