Do you dream of a successful career in the nonprofit sector?

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The HR Council has a valuable online resource centre for people with a passion for nonprofits, especially those who are recently graduated or switching careers.

 The “Working in Nonprofits” webpage includes an extensive list of job boards, digital guides, and other useful websites relating to careers in nonprofit organizations. It also has video and written profiles of a diverse range of people working in Canadian nonprofits.

 The most interesting element is its “Career Explorer” tool, for visitors to navigate the types of jobs commonly available, the education and experience required for those jobs, and the availability of work across the sector.

 Career Explorer offers “access point” questions for visitors to find the most relevant information to them. Visitors can choose from a range of questions, for example “I am a recent graduate. What can I do with my degree?” and, “Are my skills easily transferrable to a different job in the sector?” These question prompts reduce an overwhelming amount of information into a more manageable, personalized format.

 This page is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in doing nonprofit-related work. It paints a realistic picture of the sector, and inspires visitors with advice, resources, and examples of what a nonprofit career can look like.

 Interested job-hunters can also watch a series of webinars on topics including community service learning, careers in the nonprofit sector, and job hunt strategies.

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Position: Summer Outreach Coordinator with SolarShare

Position: Summer Outreach Coordinator
Organization: TREC / SolarShare
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Start Date: May 1, 2015
End Date: August 28, 2015
Wage: $16/ hr

About TREC

TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative (TREC) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization that has been working for more than 10 years to develop co-operatively owned renewable energy projects in Ontario and to educate about renewable energy, conservation, and the community power model.

Summary of Role

Are you looking for an opportunity to gain experience in the field of renewable energy and/ or social finance? TREC is looking for a results-driven individual with experience in a related field to support a sales and marketing campaign for SolarShare. The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for organizing events, volunteers, and recruiting new co-op members to invest in Solar Bonds during our busy event season from May-August.

Successful candidates will be organized, independent, quick on their feet, and have some experience planning community events. The position involves planning and coordination at the TREC office in downtown Toronto and travel within the GTA on evenings and weekends. A valid G license and access to a vehicle is an asset.

Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinate events including researching opportunities, scheduling, managing a budget, organizing logistics, promoting, and setting up exhibitor booth.
  • Organize volunteer schedules and assist with volunteer recruitment and training
  • Assist with the sale of SolarShare bonds
  • Collect content and images for media releases, blogs, and social media
  • Administrative activities such as tracking results and ordering supplies
  • Other related duties as required

Qualifications & Experience

  • Strong sales and/or customer service background
  • Experience with grassroots marketing event coordination
  • Knowledge of the renewable energy industry and policy environment in Ontario
  • Strong writing and communication skills
  • Highly organized, self-motivated and independent worker
  • Confident public speaking ability
  • Graphic design skills an asset


All applications must be submitted by April 13 at 5pm. NOTE: Applicants are encouraged to send their resume and cover letter as soon as possible as interviews will begin before the posting deadline.


– Please submit a cover letter and resume by email to the attention of Julie Leach:
jobs msk*

– Please compile a cover letter and resume in PDF and send as a single attachment. Use your full name as the file name.

– In your cover letter, please address how you would be successful in marketing SolarShare to relevant audiences.

– Confirm if you have a valid G driver’s license.

– You will be expected to familiarize yourself with the SolarShare website

– We thank you for your application but only those chosen for an interview will be contacted; no phone calls please.

– TREC is fully committed to equal employment opportunity.

When applying, please indicate that you saw this posting at


CACSL Conference 2016: Impact for Sustainability

Mount Royal University (MRU) is pleased to host the 2016 national conference for Community Service Learning (CSL) and Community Engagement (CE). Victoria Calvert, the CSL coordinator for MRU is the Conference Chair, and Cynthia Gallop is the Academic Chair. This conference is held every two years and provides a national connection that reaches the constituents involved in CSL and CE. The discussions and exchange of ideas and research pertaining to curriculum, impact, and processes would be of interest to members of community organizations, faculty, post-secondary institutional organizers, and policy-makers.

Please follow the link for more information about abstract submission and share widely.

Call for Submissions: Community Service Learning and Community Engagement Impact for Sustainability 

Technique of the Week #2: Infographics

What are infographics?

Have you ever found yourself needing to relay a large amount or complex pieces of information in a concise and efficient manner? If so, infographics may be one of the many tools available to do so. As the name may suggest this week’s technique , infographics, employs the use of graphic elements in order to present information to a particular audience.

Although not formally named as such, infographics have been in use for a lengthy period of time, often being used in scientific books and  maps as early as the 1600s. Since then, their utility has expanded from academia and cartography  to include any discipline or area needing to relay knowledge. As an everyday example, newspapers often use infographics to present the weather, show current stock rates, and  analyze the outcome of sport events.

Resources, time, and skill

One of the attractions to using infographics as a way to mobilize knowledge is their ease of use. With little effort, a visually appealing and informative graphic can be made either by hand or using a variety of online tools. For example, here is an infographic I recently made using that took a relatively short period of time.

Infographics are only limited by the ingenuity of the individual that is creating them.

Key considerations

The utility of infographics lie in their ability to display complex knowledge in a simple way. However, sometimes a particular piece of knowledge needs to remain complex and not be distilled in any way in order to remain  informative. For example, if a novel new technology is being researched, the findings associated with that research are probably best disseminated through lengthy papers as opposed to an infographic. This way the  subtle nuances associated with that research are not lost.

Furthermore, the target audience of the infographic should be taken into consideration before the design. The language used within the infographic should cater to that audience (there’s no sense using jargon that your audience doesn’t understand). Also, the infographic should be memorable in some way. The use of impactful content and visually appealing displays help with this. Finally, the infographic shouldn’t overwhelm the reader. Simple messages are easier to remember and thus are more impactful on the reader.

The take away

Companies and organizations can establish and align their goals through the use of infographics. For example, an infographic could be used to represent a Theory of  Change, detailing the paths of knowledge used in each part of that organization. Furthermore, infographics could be used as a means to disseminate knowledge between groups within an organization. Furthermore, infographics may be used in order to raise awareness on an issue; by first gathering the attention of a reader, then directing them to more detailed sources of information such as a policy brief or a research paper.

The following is an infographic on how to create successful infographics and the things that should be avoided by R Alwis, C Evans, S Karmali, M Maheru, & D Sriram (2014).

Other resources

2015 Evaluating Community Impact registration now open

Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes is an interactive, three-day workshop designed for leaders who want to discover how to capture, understand, and measure community outcomes and the impact of change initiatives on communities. This workshop will be co-led by me and my colleague, Mark Cabaj.

Please browse the event webpage to learn more about the workshop and how you can become a member of our learning community from from February 23-25 in Toronto, Ontario.

This workshop is best suited to those who have an interest and some basic experience with evaluation but are eager to tackle the challenging but critical task of getting feedback on local efforts to change communities. As a participant of Evaluating Community Impact, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify the dynamics and patterns of community change;
  • Strengthen your understanding and appetite for evaluation; and
  • Explore a variety of evaluation approaches and tools appropriate for community change.

Special rates are available for teams registering three or more people. Register today to secure your spot at the 2015 Evaluating Community Impact Workshop! Registration will be limited to the first 150 people who sign up.

Career Development Challenge

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Spread the News: Career Development Challenge COMING SOON!

The Canadian Council for Career Development (CCCD) is pleased to celebrate Canada Career Week November 3-7, 2014, and this year the members want to inform you about a new online career service tool, the Career Development Challenge.

The Challenge weblink is  The Challenge will formally launch on November 3rd; however, members of CCCD can start to use the quiz immediately. We hope you will encourage your clients, friends, and colleagues to try it out!

The Challenge, which only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and is an interactive tool that explores skill and will relating to career development. In order to promote this Challenge, we have produced a button that you may upload to your member publications or news bulletins. We would also encourage you to place this banner or button on your website to be linked directly to the Challenge.

We would also encourage you to follow us on social media:


Twitter: @cccdchallenge

Later, CCCD will be gathering data from the anonymous participants to share career development trends with Canadians.

If you have any questions about the quiz, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Kalene DeBaeremaeker

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Partagez la nouvelle : Lancement prochain du Défi en développement de carrière

 Le Conseil canadien pour le développement de carrière (CCDC) est heureux de célébrer la Semaine canadienne de carrière qui se tiendra du 3 au 7 novembre 2014. Pour cette occasion, les membres désirent vous informer de la mise en ligne d’un nouvel outil d’aide à la carrière : le Défi en développement de carrière.

Vous trouverez le Défi à l’adresse suivante : Le Défi sera officiellement lancé le 3 novembre; toutefois, les membres du CCDC peuvent commencer à remplir et partager le jeu-questionnaire dès maintenant. Nous espérons que vous encouragerez vos clients, amis et collègues à relever le Défi!

Le Défi est un outil interactif explorant les compétences et la motivation en lien avec le développement de carrière. Il vous faudra environ 5 à 10 minutes pour remplir le jeu-questionnaire. Afin de promouvoir le Défi, nous mettons à votre disposition un bouton que vous pouvez télécharger et insérer dans vos prochains bulletins ou publications. Nous vous encourageons également à mettre le bouton ou la bannière sur votre site Web, en l’accompagnant d’un lien menant directement vers le site du Défi.

De plus, nous vous invitons à nous suivre sur les médias sociaux :

Facebook : Canadian Council for Career Development

Twitter : @cccdchallenge

Par la suite, le CCDC cumulera les réponses des participants, en respectant leur anonymat, et partagera les tendances du développement de carrière avec la population canadienne.

Si vous avez des questions à propos de ce jeu-questionnaire, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec :

Kalene DeBaeremaeker

Job Opportunity for Service-Learning Practitioners – University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is expanding its service-learning offerings, and will soon be hiring a Service-Learning Coordinator to help meet demand. The Service-Learning Coordinator will join our existing service-learning staff on a term contract, and will work on both local and international co-curricular service-learning programs. The ideal candidate will have previous experience in international development, service-learning, and/or higher education. A full position description will be posted to the University of Manitoba’s central Human Resources website by August 15th, 2014. Applicants are asked to submit applications through this system, at: Please contact Susie Taylor, Lead Service Learning Coordinator, at susie_taylor@umanitoba.cawith any questions.