C2UExpo 2015 – May 26th to May 29th 2015


C2UExpo 2015

C2UExpo 2015 – May 26th to May 29th 2015

Citizen-Driven Policy: Strengthening Community Engagement for a Better World.

First and foremost, the C2U Expo 2015 conference provides the opportunity for participants to be inspired and energized by the successes of community-campus partnerships, community based research, and community service-learning. Furthermore, the conference provides a means for participants to build connections and share ideas through meaningful dialogue, work in solidarity to build on the cumulative legacy of the Expo’s networks, partnerships, and projects throughout Canada and the world.

The C2U Expo 2015 conference aims to build momentum for policy solutions that help civil society organizations navigate the current environment, and more effectively assert their interests through policy development and engagement; and Strengthen the growing national movement to deepen community-campus engagement as universities and colleges seek to enhance their potential to contribute to the development of Canada and the public good.


CACSL members will enjoy a 15% discount on the regular conference rate ($65.25 to $72.75 reduction).


Preconference Workshops

A number of pre-conference workshops and webinars will be offered prior to the conference in May.


The pre-conference workshops will be organized and facilitated by the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning and Volunteer Canada, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship, and Community-Based Research Canada. Confirmed workshops are:

  • Collective Impact Pre-Conference Event.
  • Understanding and Advancing Impact, Policy and Funding for CBR and CCE.
  • Engaged Practice Learning Exchange Workshop.
  • Collective Impact and Community Engagement: From Idea to Action.
  • How to Build a Research Shop.
  • Translating Practice to Policy in Community-Campus Partnerships.


CACSL members will enjoy a $105 reduction in the Collective Impact pre-conference event.

 The pre-conference webinars will be hosted by the University of Saskatchewan and Memorial University. Confirmed workshops are:

  • Station 20 West – Community Enterprise Centre.


Please use the following flyer to distribute widely: C2UExpo 2015 CACSL info

Information on CACSL membership: http://communityservicelearning.ca/about/membership/



University of Alberta on promoting food security.

University of Alberta’s South Campus is encouraging Edmontonians to create their own food safety net. By promoting food growing and food literacy among urban residents, U of A hopes to lessen the burden of food security issues.

For more information, visit: http://uofa.ualberta.ca/news-and-events/newsarticles/2014/july/new-south-campus-garden-grows-conversation-on-food-security.



Food Secure Canada: What’s Your Bold Good Idea for Canada

Take Action – What’s Your Bold Food Idea for Canada?

Parliament Reconvenes on World Food Day (October 16)!

As many Canadians are preparing Thanksgiving Dinner, Prime Minister Harper will put the finishing touches on the Speech from the Throne

What would YOU announce in the Speech from the Throne?

Food Secure Canada is calling on all political leaders in Canada to address food on World Food Day.  Our food system is broken and we want leaders who will work with us to make it more equitable, healthy, safe, and sustainable.

Share your ideas about what needs to be done!

Send us your 30-second video today – it’s easy!

How: Record yourself in a 30-second video using your computer or phone, with the following format:

  1. My name is…
  2. I’m from….
  3. On World Food Day, I would announce…


  • Upload your video on Youtube if you have a Youtube account:
  • Name it “WFDFSC2013: (YOUR NAME)’s Speech from the Throne”
  • Tag it “Food Throne Speech”,


If you do not have a Youtube account, send it to  communications@foodsecurecanada.org with “Food in the Throne speech” in the subject line.


Visit our Youtube Playlist to hear what Canadians are saying!

Put it on the World Food Day Map!

Be part of the national movement by sharing what your are doing in your community on World Food Day.  Let’s demonstrate how diverse and strong we are! Put it on the map!



Prenez position –  Quelle idée géniale proposeriez-vous sur l’alimentation au Canada?


La reprise parlementaire fédérale a lieu le 16 octobre, à la même date que la Journée mondiale de l’alimentation !


Au moment où plusieurs Canadiennes et Canadiens se préparent pour l’action de grâce, le Premier ministre Steven Harper apporte sa touche finale au discours du trône :



Qu’annonceriez-vous dans ce discours du trône ?


Sécurité alimentaire Canada demande aux dirigeants politiques du pays d’aborder la question sur la nourriture en ce Jour mondial de l’alimentation. Notre système alimentaire est brisé et nous avons besoin de leaders qui travaillerons avec nous afin de le rendre plus équitable, sain, juste et durable.


Partagez vos idées sur ce qui devrait être entrepris comme action!



Faites-nous parvenir votre vidéo de 30 secondes dès aujourd’hui–

c’est facile !



Filmez-vous dans un court vidéo de 30 secondes, à l’aide de votre ordinateur ou votre téléphone en incluant les informations suivantes :

1. Mon nom est…

2. Je viens de….

3. Le jour international de l’alimentation, je voudrais annoncer…



● Téléchargez votre vidéo sur Youtube:

● Nommez-le ” JMASAC2013: Discours du trône de (votre nom) ”

● Utilisez le « tag » “Discours trône alimentation


● Envoyez-le à l’adresse suivante communications@foodsecurecanada.org avec : “Discours du trône” dans la ligne du sujet.


Visitez notre Youtube Playlist pour entendre ce que les Canadiennes et Canadiens ont à dire!


Mettez votre événement sur la carte !


Faites partie du mouvement national en partageant ce que vous faites dans votre communauté en cette Journée mondiale de l’alimentation. Démontrons notre force et notre diversité ! Remplissez ce formulaire pour que votre évènement puisse apparaître sur notre liste pancanadienne d’événements.

Food Secure Canada – Sécurité Alimentaire Canada


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Montréal, QC H2X 2J1

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