Do you dream of a successful career in the nonprofit sector?

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The HR Council has a valuable online resource centre for people with a passion for nonprofits, especially those who are recently graduated or switching careers.

 The “Working in Nonprofits” webpage includes an extensive list of job boards, digital guides, and other useful websites relating to careers in nonprofit organizations. It also has video and written profiles of a diverse range of people working in Canadian nonprofits.

 The most interesting element is its “Career Explorer” tool, for visitors to navigate the types of jobs commonly available, the education and experience required for those jobs, and the availability of work across the sector.

 Career Explorer offers “access point” questions for visitors to find the most relevant information to them. Visitors can choose from a range of questions, for example “I am a recent graduate. What can I do with my degree?” and, “Are my skills easily transferrable to a different job in the sector?” These question prompts reduce an overwhelming amount of information into a more manageable, personalized format.

 This page is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in doing nonprofit-related work. It paints a realistic picture of the sector, and inspires visitors with advice, resources, and examples of what a nonprofit career can look like.

 Interested job-hunters can also watch a series of webinars on topics including community service learning, careers in the nonprofit sector, and job hunt strategies.

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C2UExpo 2015 – May 26th to May 29th 2015


C2UExpo 2015

C2UExpo 2015 – May 26th to May 29th 2015

Citizen-Driven Policy: Strengthening Community Engagement for a Better World.

First and foremost, the C2U Expo 2015 conference provides the opportunity for participants to be inspired and energized by the successes of community-campus partnerships, community based research, and community service-learning. Furthermore, the conference provides a means for participants to build connections and share ideas through meaningful dialogue, work in solidarity to build on the cumulative legacy of the Expo’s networks, partnerships, and projects throughout Canada and the world.

The C2U Expo 2015 conference aims to build momentum for policy solutions that help civil society organizations navigate the current environment, and more effectively assert their interests through policy development and engagement; and Strengthen the growing national movement to deepen community-campus engagement as universities and colleges seek to enhance their potential to contribute to the development of Canada and the public good.


CACSL members will enjoy a 15% discount on the regular conference rate ($65.25 to $72.75 reduction).


Preconference Workshops

A number of pre-conference workshops and webinars will be offered prior to the conference in May.


The pre-conference workshops will be organized and facilitated by the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, Canadian Alliance for Community Service-Learning and Volunteer Canada, Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship, and Community-Based Research Canada. Confirmed workshops are:

  • Collective Impact Pre-Conference Event.
  • Understanding and Advancing Impact, Policy and Funding for CBR and CCE.
  • Engaged Practice Learning Exchange Workshop.
  • Collective Impact and Community Engagement: From Idea to Action.
  • How to Build a Research Shop.
  • Translating Practice to Policy in Community-Campus Partnerships.


CACSL members will enjoy a $105 reduction in the Collective Impact pre-conference event.

 The pre-conference webinars will be hosted by the University of Saskatchewan and Memorial University. Confirmed workshops are:

  • Station 20 West – Community Enterprise Centre.


Please use the following flyer to distribute widely: C2UExpo 2015 CACSL info

Information on CACSL membership:


Journal of Higher Education, Outreach, & Engagement

The Journal of Higher Education, Outreach, & Engagement is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal whose aim is to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement between communities institutions of higher education.

Individuals who wish to disseminate their research in public service, outreach, engagement, extension, engaged research, community-based research, community-based participatory research, action research, public scholarship, service-learning, and community service may wish to publish their findings in JHEOE.

Visit: for more information

Evaluation from a Community Engagement Perspective

At the last Program Committee members requested a resource area for evaluation.

Current Resources:

Vibrant Communities maintains an online library with annotated evaluation resources.  Tamarack hosts an evaluation  online learning community.  Contact to join.

The Rainbow Technique Todd demonstrated is available along with other tools and techniques on the Participatory Action Research, Planning and Evaluation.

CFICE Resources section contains an evaluation bibliography section generated from resources used for the initial proposal.

Sharing our experiences

We can also learn from each other, please share your experiences with evaluation methods, tools, and techniques you found useful.